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But Wait! There's More!

We do more than just Bubble Soccer, so let us tell you about it.

  Last year, as you may have seen on some of the other pages, we added Battle Bows™.

A survival of the fittest, the best shot or the most agile, who knows!  Full contact dodge ball collides with archery & paintball to bring you this side splitting event.  Dodge, Duck, Dive and Dodge?  Yup, you get the idea.  Eliminate the opposing team or their targets to win your match and claim your top dog title!  (Foam rubber arrow tips and professional grade paint ball masks are utilized for safety.)

Join us for modern day warfare and total carnage!!!!!

Only it's not really that modern as far as weapons go...and the arrows we use are tipped with foam rubber, so unless you bruise ridiculously easy, it's pretty hard to get injured. So maybe scrap the carnage part too.

Alright, well, warfare it is then...Check out the link above for videos and more details.


This year, we have two new sources of side-splitting action for you:

Human Hamster Balls!:

In this head to head match up, a relay across the event space takes place.  With stations set up for players from each team to trade off, everyone takes a turn inside the ball, while the rest of the team helps keep the game moving, navigating the terrain while pushing the 10 ft ball.  Dizzy, busy, and hilarious for all, first team across the finish is your champion!


Sumo Suits!

Another head to head match up where push, pull, belly bump or bull rush techniques are used to topple your opponent.  Team score is kept, and one victory doesn't ensure your team the win.  Strategy in match ups is imperative in this one.  Laugh, bounce and toddle around, try to stay on your feet for the win!


We would love the chance to be a part of your family's summer, call us today to book your next event!