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Who is TC Bubble Soccer? 

We're a family-owned business founded on the premise that every day should be taken full advantage of, and what better way to do that than to fill it with laughter, ear-to-ear grins and unforgettable moments? We want nothing more than to share these moments with you, so we are bringing the fun of Bubble Soccer to Northern Michigan! Any event we can bring an extra level of hilarity and entertainment to, we'll be happy to be a part of. 


Why Bubble Soccer?

Better question, why not Bubble Soccer? All the fun of soccer, much simpler rule set, plus all that fantastic-ness morphed into a contact sport played inside humongous inflatable bubbles that protects the entire upper body. Our friends over at Vice Sports wrote a great article about why Bubble Soccer is one of the greatest things you'll ever try:

Get In The Bubble If You Want To Live

"You likely don't know what it's like to play soccer while inside a plastic bubble, but John Anthony Radosta does. "It's a very, very different type of game from anything out there," he tells me over the phone. Like in other contact sports—yes, it's a contact sport—you run towards opponents at full bubble-bound speed, bracing for impact, but instead of being greeted by a world of pain, you just "kind of roll over. It's a bit of a psych-out. It's actually quite an adrenaline rush."

  Bubble soccer is, for the most part, exactly what it sounds like: full-contact soccer where each player wears a plastic bubble from thigh to head approximately five feet in diameter. The bubble itself is a souped-up version of those inflatable sumo wrestling costumes, although your hands remain inside the bubble at all times. No, seriously.

Watching bubble soccer reminds us that this planet has conditioned us to expect certain outcomes in certain situations. For example: when people run into each other, people get laid out. In bubble soccer, we expect the same outcome, but it never comes to pass. Instead, one (or both) bubble athletes fall to the ground, legs waving in the air in a desperate search for stability. Bodies fly, but everyone is safe, because they're inside a bubble.

Bubble soccer, of course, began as a lark. According to Radosta, the idea was hatched by Norwegian comedians/television hosts Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden in 2011 as a joke, which makes sense because it's the world's sport being played by people encased in bubbles. At first, the game didn't really have any rules. It was basically the NFL Blitz version of soccer, with bubble-mediated contact allowed any place, any time. Want to deck a player after he releases a pass? Go for it. Don't like the way the bubble over there is bubbling along the field? Destroy his shit. Unresolved rage issues compounded by a phobia of harming others? Welcome home, friend."

Credit: Aaron Gordon, Vice Sports